USS Trinity River

The USS  Trinity River is a general sci-fi club associated with Starfleet International fan club. We are located in Dallas Texas. We serve the eastern half of the DFW fan base of our organization.  Our interests include Star Trek, Star Wars, Dune, the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov, Firefly, Stargate, and anime among other interests.  We include non sci-fi activities including an annual Superbowl Party and Easter egg Hunt,bowling,  gaming ranging from  board games to MMORPGs like Everquest to table top rpgs.

Our meeting takes place on the First Saturday of each month at 1:00 pm at
Half Price books
5803 E. Northwest Hwy.
Dallas, TX 75231
214-379-8000. Our chapter President is Dan Dreesbach.

The USS Trinity River is a through deck Lobo-class carrier.  This is where a ship/shuttle enters the ship at one end and exits though the other end.  We offer repair and recreational services for various Federation and allied shuttles.  Lobo, a wolf, is our mascot.  We have 2 public access deck for various activities with a 3rd geared toward holodecks and a 4th for sleeping quarters for guests.  Collectively this is called Monaco Parks.  We have 4 starbucks, 4 Dunkin Donuts and various resteruants including some that have Cantonese style of Chinese food, Klingon food, and Vulcan food.

We operate out of the DFW metro area of Texas along with the USS Rachel Garrett, SS Freedom III and USS Regulator.  Along with the USS Tejas we are a part of zone 1 of Region 3 in Starfleet.  We patrol the Dallas area and jointly patrol the MId Cities area with the other chapters  in the area.  Some of the conventions are members volunteer at are the Sci Fi Expo and Dallas Comic Con of Plano and Richardson area, and Fen Con and All Con of Addision TX.

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