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am proud to announce our NEW captain for USS Ludington

am proud to announce our NEW captain for USS Ludington group Like to welcome Justin Rankin as our new captain the vote was sent through and past.

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I also wanted to thank Justin for coming up here helping us with few things and now in charge of few things and making our load less on few of us,his ideals are so great the caption mouth dropped to the floor when she heard what he can do for us. Welcome back Justin sure we will keep you busy.

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New beging USS Ludington

I want to Welcome our new member who have joined us this year which are sandra Lee mathis, and Beverly Bastian, John Illig, Welcome back justin rankin. This year we going to try to get out there this year let others know we are here, Depending weather pinic with DJ  other out door things,putting flyer out and putting ads in news paper

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Year ending Update

Another year has gone by and We have voted Patti Hahn our Caption of the group

Capt Patti Hahn, ,Anthony Strandberg CMDR,Beth Scott LCDR  Milli hahn LCDR officer,Gary hahn is ENS, kathy  medical officer kathy willis

Since this has all happened we had new members joining,Would like to welcome aboard Greg Thompson,Kevin Goud,and warren Thompson.and Kathy willis.This past summer we have done side walkdaze and sold few things it was all depending on weather wise.In the next year we are going to try some new things and hope that it goes through our meetings have been good so far we have had some illness going around but we really would like to see some new faces and some old one’s.

We are now getting ready for another hoilday season were we are singing songs  and opening gifts,sitting enjoying a meal together,